Friday, October 2, 2009

Halfway there

It has been a pretty long time since I have blogged. School is now back in session...we are on week 5 of 14. This is my last semester, my first semester not working, and my first semester pregnant. There is only so much I can blame on pregnancy, since mine has been so easy, but schoolwork is the LAST THING I want to do. I have enjoyed it so far though, school that is. My clinical are at Plaza Medical Center in Fort Worth; my instructor is tough and intimidating and I want to cry most days but I like her…is that weird?

In the most recent news…yesterday we found out we are having a BOY!! Elijah Paul Fatheree is 14oz and 9 inches long at 20 weeks gestation (halfway). Most people are aware that I was rooting for a girl…I hope Elijah will not hold this against me. Fatheree’s men to not give out their X chromosome very easily and most babies are born male so the odds were against me. I think my fear of never having a girl drove me to want one…but now I am glad just to know. I am glad I can call him by name and not IT. Even though last night I would say “it” out of habit and Timmy would correct me. Timmy is excited. He is says he will be more comfortable with a boy.
We have our nephews, Ty and Gavin, who will be 2-1/2 and almost 1 when Elijah is born….so it will be fun and wild times I am sure. I get more excited every day. I haven’t felt just a ton of movement but I know he is moving because we saw it on the ultrasound. The doc says to give it a few more weeks and it’ll never stop. I did feel what I believe to be a kick one day last week. I bent over and squashed him I guess and I felt like this poke from the inside as if he was saying, “Hey! There is someone in here!” He has already given all his girl clothes that were bought for him to his girlfriend Macey Ann Chapman. So now it is all sports and boy clothes!! I have heard numerous times how much little boys love their mommy’s so I am pretty happy!!


  1. Elijah Paul Fatheree............ I love him so much! I am so excited! This is a grand new adventure for y'all and I know you will make excellent parents. Timmy most definitely will make a great little league coach and you the team "Mom". I am already dusting off my game chair! Love ya bunches, Nonnie!

  2. This is so exciting. I know you are happy to know and I love the name Elijah Paul.

  3. Yes boys love their mommy so much. I can tell you that from having one of each. Faith is a daddy's girl and Ryder loves to cuddle with me. Congrats...boys are fun!