Friday, June 17, 2011

Ode to Daddy’s

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend I have been thinking about “Daddy’s” a lot lately…which has led me to this post. I want to spend a few moments remembering and honoring the four dads that have impacted my life the most.

Ross Edward Roberts
My daddy’s dad. My grandpa. I was his first grandchild…the number one. And if you were in a room with us for very long he’d let you know it. He worked hard, loved his family, served Jesus, and my grandma was the LOVE of his life. I was in elementary school when he retired from making tools and he started singing bass in a southern gospel group. I spent many weekends traveling with them and listening to them sing. He made me love music and I am so thankful for that time. I was 11 when we found out he had cancer. I remember the moment…the first time I saw my dad cry. For four years he fought…there were ups and downs...we spent countless hours at the hospital. I came to love nursing. I watched my grandmother sit by his side…I knew I wanted to be that kind of a wife. I watched his children and grandchildren gather round…I decided I wanted to have a big family and I was thankful to be a Roberts. This Father’s day will be the 12th one he spends with his Father.

Lonzo Freddie Johnson.
My mom’s daddy. My Pappaw. I was far from his first grandchild….but I was his first in a few years and because my mother was so close to him I got to be. I loved so many things about. He was ornery, loved to sleep in his chair with baseball or a western on in the background, could build anything out of wood, and had the sweetest bald head that I loved to kiss. I have learned many things from his life. He chose to love my mom and because of that love I am passionate about adoption. And mostly he served Jesus every day that I knew him…up to his very last breath.

James Edward Roberts.
My daddy. Growing up I don’t think I was what you would call a “daddy’s girl.” I didn’t prefer one parent to another generally speaking but if I was sick or hurt I wanted my mom. I am very much like her and she understood me…sometimes he didn’t. Still I love my daddy and he loves me and I never remember one single time that I doubted this. He makes me feel safe. I was a very scared child…I had bad nightmares and just was scared of everything and the very idea of my dad brought me comfort. One, I know he would never let anything happen to me. Two, he is big and I was confident he could beat anyone up. As a teenager we butted heads. He is an authoritarian and I lacked respect. I regret those years and am so glad I lived to grow out of them. I’ll never forget when I came to appreciate my dad. I was a freshman in college and I lived in College Station, Tx…about 200 miles away. My dad worked hard (60 hours a week or more) and paid for me to live in this nice apartment…he paid all my bills and gave my money each week for food. It was during this time that I witnessed my family do without so I could have great things. I love my dad and respect is not an issue for me anymore. Thank you, dad for sacrificing like Christ for your family. I couldn’t be more proud to be your daughter.

Timothy Paul Fatheree.
My babies daddy. I could spend the rest of my life trying and not fully articulate how I feel about my husband as a father. It wasn’t long after we met that I knew I wanted to be a Fatheree and I wanted Timmy to father my kids!! He is sweet, funny, and VERY good looking. Parenting alongside him is one of my favorite things in this world. What makes him the best father to me is not that he works so very hard to provide for us…which he does. It’s not that he would come home from a long day at work and would sit and talk to Elijah for like thirty minutes when Elijah was just a few months old…which he did. It’s not even that last night when Elijah was having a melt down at 3 am that he walked around with him until he calmed down and went to sleep…which he did when I was at my wits end. What makes him the BEST FATHER to me that instead of getting caught up in wanting our kids to be cool, smart, athletic …all Timmy wants for Elijah is that he loves Jesus and lives his life to serve Him. And this drives everything about his parenting. Sweetie, thank you.

I am humbled and thankful this Father’s Day weekend. Not everyone has grandparents or close relationships with them. Not every little girl has a daddy with whom she feels so safe. And not every mother has such a man to stand with her as I do. God has allowed all these things for me…without Him I would have none and would not appreciate them.