Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Sonogram

Just about 2 weeks ago we found out that one of my best friends, Candice (Click) Chapman, was pregnant. Candice and her husband have been trying for some time and were told it was basically impossible…well God loved the opportunity to remind us who He is. We are unsure how far along she is (she is still awaiting her first appt) but we are thinking 7-9 weeks. I am so excited for Candice & Bryan and some for myself too. I spend hours daydreaming about us being preggo together and having our babies together and then them growing up together.
This past Friday BABY FATHEREE and I had our first appointment and sonogram (at 9 weeks) and my anxiety up to this point was very high. Keep in mind I JUST completed my OB semester in Nursing School and do you think we spent 8 weeks talking about NORMAL deliveries/births?? NO! I don’t think by any means that I know everything but have a feeling I know too much for my own sanity sometimes. My sono was first at 8:15…and I was nauseated until I leaned back in that chair…and not because of morning sickness but nerves. My mom and Timmy were both with me and we watched the screen intently. When it popped up and she said, “There’s your baby” it became very real to me. And the coolest thing was the baby was moving all around…of course I can’t feel it yet but if it is any indication I am not getting much rest in the future. Then the moment I had been waiting for…the heart beat…loud, strong, and 170 beats/min. Peace immediately restored my body and my uneasy stomach was put to ease. Timmy says we can now put to silence all the talk of twins going around…there is only one!! My mom was very excited and I already know she will love the little baby so much. Timmy was happy too but not as expressive as a girl would be and that is ok. He says I actually do a good job of making it “real” for him because each week I show him the picture (from my book) of what the baby looks like and the size and I tell him what is developing now. I am blessed to work for the wonderful office that will assist me with my delivery (Omega OB/GYN) and I was thankful to share in the excitement with the sweet sweet ladies of the office.
Following the visit we met up with our dear friends, the Chapman’s, and headed off for a mini-vacation to San Antonio. The 7 of us (Timmy, Steph, Baby-in-utero Fatheree, Cali, Bryan, Candice, and Baby-in-utero Chapman) had a great time…even the husbands of 2 pregnant women!