Monday, May 16, 2011

our mvp is one...and then some

Elijah is one year, two months, three weeks, and five days…probably should’ve wrote this yesterday. I was finally able to get some pictures taken by my great friend Michelle Travis last week. I thought I would post them along with some fun facts about him being one. But let me just say. I LOVE this kid. Sure I love it when he goes to Nonnie & Papa’s or Mawmaw & PopPop’s for the weekend…but I LOVE it when he comes home. I love to hear him jabber because he has so much to say. Or watch him spin in circles because he has so much energy to get out. Watching him transform into a toddler is not easy…we all wish they can be babies longer or that time would slow down. Right now I am just so thankful that I get to witness this transformation. And that God is letting me raise this really cool kid.

Five favorite things to do:
1. play chase…or as we like to call it “I’m gonna get you”
2. watch Fresh Beat Band…works EVERY TIME
3. play in his room with the door shut…mommy’s not fond of this one
4. talk on the phone to daddy, nonnie, papa…anyone that would call
5. swing outside…or do anything outside

Three things I always know he’ll eat:
Elijah is a PICKY eater and sometimes he will not eat much of anything. Sometimes he will eat something on Monday and on Tuesday it goes RIGHT on the floor.
1. sweet peas…yuck I say
2. banana’s
3. ritz crackers

Two things that will make him laugh:
1. tickle him…anywhere…he is so ticklish
2. fall down…or get hurt and make an “ow” noise…

One thing he says the most:
Who can guess it? If you spend anytime with Elijah you will hear this over and over. He says other words but this one was his first and definitely his favorite.
1. Dad


  1. He's getting so big so fast! Love that little boy! I wish we lived closer!!

  2. these pictures could not be any cuter!! the black and whites are so precious and innocent and the baseball ones are so fun! he looks adorable sitting on the base lol :)

  3. Oh my goodness time has flown by....... can't believe he is growing so big so quickly.. my how my heart swells every time I see his sweet face, or hear his voice or think of him at all...... I sure do LOVE HIM!!!

    Thank you Michelle these pictures are priceless! You are definitely gifted. Thank Stephanie and Timmy for being such GREAT parents to my amazing grandson!!!

  4. Steph, He looks so big in the second picture...oh my goodness, he is such a handsome little boy!! Love and miss you!